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Our Mandate

This Child advocacy Site has been established to provide a National Resource for all groups in Canada who are advocating for a child's right not to be abused, manipulated, alienated, or denied the emotional and physical contact or support from their fathers or mothers.  To provide information to other Canadian advocacy groups, grandparents, fathers, children, mothers, and non-custodial parent on custody, divorce, child abuse, shared parenting, visitation, access, family law, child support, parental alienation syndrome, family law reform, children rights, counseling, and child abduction,  To hold, lawyers, judges, politicians, and persons in authority accountable for allowing the rights of Canadian Children and Parent's to be ignored because of ignorance or political pressure. Working with and uniting all Canadian  children's and Parent advocacy groups by eliminating divisionary politics and reform of the divorce law in Canada to provide shared parenting and access / visitation by non-custodial parent, fathers, and grandparents.

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  BC Provincial & Supreme Court Forms


Legal Services Act

Family Relations Act

Divorce Act

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Parental Alienation

UBC/SFU Stats on Male & Female Abuse

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(Court Documents are in both   Format.  Right click on file wanted and select save as.. . )

Forms and Precedents


Client Information Forms  

Document  Formats

(msword)  ( wordperfect)

[FP 1]                 [FP 1]     Client Information Form (General)

[FP 2]                 [FP 2]      Income and Expenses of Spouse

[FP 3]                 [FP 3]      Expenses of Child

[FP 4]                 [FP 4]      Assets

[FP 5]                 [FP 5]      Liabilities

[FP 6]                 [FP 6]      Disposal of Property

Retainer Agreements and Letters

[FP 7]                 [FP 7]     Retainer Agreement

[FP 8]                 [FP 8]     Sample Clauses for Retainer Letter or Agreement

[FP 9]                 [FP 9]      Non-Engagement Letter (Confirming            Confirmation)

[FP 10]               [FP10]    Non-Engagement Letter (After Consideration)

[FP 10A]            [FP 10A]    Non-Engagement Letter (Conflict of Interest)

[FP 11]               [FP 11]   Letter Concerning Legal Services Society Eligibility

[FP 11A]            [FP 11A]  Retainer Agreement—Legal Aid Client


[FP 12]               [FP 12]  Excerpt from FMC Practice Certification and Training Standards

[FP 14]               [FP 14]  Sample Family Mediation Model

[FP 15]               [FP 15]  Sample Mediation Agreement


[FP 16]               [FP 16]   Short Form of Minutes of Settlement

[FP 17]               [FP 17]   Long Form of Minutes of Settlement


[FP 18]               [FP 18]   Praecipe (Undefended Divorce)

[FP 19]               [FP 19]   Affidavit in Support of Application for Divorce

[FP 20]               [FP 20]   Letter Withdrawing Answer

[FP 21]               [FP 21]   Registrar's Certificate of Pleadings

[FP 22]               [FP 22]   Notice of Motion—Application by Petitioner for Divorce With Adjournment of Corollary Relief Issues

[FP 23]               [FP 23]   Affidavit in Support

[FP 24]               [FP 24]   Notice of Motion—Application by Respondent for Divorce and for Adjournment of Corollary Relief Issues

[FP 25]               [FP 25]   Affidavit in Support


Standard Forms

[FP 26]                [FP 26]   Style of Proceeding for Actions Brought by Writ

[FP 27]                 [FP 27]  Style of Proceeding for Proceedings Brought by Petition

[FP 28]                 [FP 28]  Writ of Summons (Standard Form)

[FP 29]                 [FP 29]  Petition (Standard Form)

[FP 30]                 [FP 30]   Praecipe (Standard Form)

[FP 31]                 [FP 31]   Statement of Claim (Standard Form)

[FP 32]                 [FP 32]  Notice of Motion (Standard Form)

[FP 32A]              [FP 32A]  Notice of Motion (Rule 65)

[FP 32B]              [FP 32B]  Endorsement of Petition (Rule 65)

[FP 32C]              [FP 32C]  Outline (Rule 65)

[FP 32D]              [FP 32D]  Notice of Hearing (Rule 65)

[FP 32E]              [FP 32E]  Checklist for Index to Chambers Record (Rule 65)

[FP 32F]              [FP 32F]   Praecipe, Resetting Chambers Application After Adjournment
(Rule 65)

[FP 33]                [FP 33]   Affidavit (Standard Form)

Supporting Documentation

[FP 34]                [FP 34]  Property and Financial Statement 

[FP 35]                [FP 35]  Notice to File a Property and Financial Statement

[FP 36]                [FP 36]  Child Support Fact Sheet

[FP 37]                [FP 37]  Schedule of Assets (Scott Schedule)

Commencement of Divorce Act Proceedings

[FP 38]                 [FP 38]  Sole Divorce Petition with Joinder of FRA Claims

[FP 39]                 [FP 39]  Joint Divorce Petition  

[FP 40]                 [FP 40]  Praecipe Requesting Leave for Late Filing of the Document Proving the Marriage

[FP 41]                 [FP 41]  Affidavit of Service of Divorce Petition

[FP 42]                 [FP 42]   Notice of Motion—Substituted Service of Petition

[FP 43]                 [FP 43]   Affidavit—Substituted Service of Petition

[FP 44]                 [FP 44]   Order—Substituted Service of Petition

[FP 45]                 [FP 45]   Answer (Form 98)

[FP 46]                 [FP 46]   Answer (Form 99)

[FP 47]                 [FP 47]  Answer and Counter-Petition

[FP 48]                 [FP 48]   Petition—Application for Support After Divorce

[FP 49]                 [FP 49]   Affidavit—Application for Support After Divorce

Commencement of FRA Proceedings in Supreme Court

[FP 50]                [FP 50]   Writ of Summons

[FP 51]                [FP 51]  Statement of Claim

[FP 52]                [FP 52]  Statement of Defence 

[FP 53]                [FP 53]  Statement of Claim (FRA and Trust Claim)


[FP 54]                [FP 54]  Notice of Motion—Maintenance and Custody

[FP 55]                [FP 55]  Affidavit—Maintenance and Custody

[FP 56]                [FP 56]   Notice of Motion—Restraining Order (Protection of Persons)

[FP 57]                [FP 57]  Notice of Motion—Order Prohibiting Interference with a Child

[FP 58]                [FP 58]   Notice of Motion—Restriction of Contact

[FP 59]                [FP 59]   Affidavit—Protection of Persons

[FP 60]                [FP 60]    Notice of Motion—Restraining Disposition of Family Assets

[FP 61]                [FP 61]  Affidavit—Restraining Disposition of Family Assets

[FP 62]                [FP 62]  Notice of Motion—Exclusive Possession of Matrimonial Home

[FP 63]                [FP 63]  Affidavit—Exclusive Possession of Matrimonial Home

[FP 64]                [FP 64]   Application for Entry under the Land (Spouse Protection) Act

[FP 65]                [FP 65]   Affidavit—Application for Entry under the Land (Spouse Protection) Act

[FP 66]                [FP 66]   Notice of Motion—Section 57 Declaration

[FP 67]                [FP 67]   Affidavit—Section 57 Declaration

[FP 68]                [FP 68]   Memorandum of Argument for Appeal from Interlocutory Order


Supreme Court Orders-General

[FP 80]                [FP 80]   Order After a Chambers Hearing (Form 43)

[FP 80A]             [FP 80A]  Order Pursuant to Written Reasons for Judgment

[FP 80B]              [FP 80B]  Order After a Chambers Hearing (New Westminster)

[FP 81]                [FP 81]   Order After a Trial (Form 42)

[FP 82]                [FP 82]   Ex Parte Order

[FP 83]                [FP 83]  Amended Order

[FP 83A]              [FP 83A]   Variation Order

[FP 84]                 [FP 84]    Desk Order

[FP 85]                 [FP 85]   Consent Order (Form 56)

[FP 86]                 [FP 86]  Consent Order Where Only Part of the Relief Is Consented To

[FP 87]                 [FP 87]   Consent Dismissal Order

[FP 88]                 [FP 88]   Divorce Order

[FP 88A]              [FP 88A]   Desk Order Divorce Order

[FP 89]                 [FP 89]   Family Relations Act Section 57 Declaration

[FP 90]                 [FP 90]   Order for a Reference to the Registrar

[FP 91]                 [FP 91]   Notice of Motion to Confirm or Vary Registrar's Report

[FP 92]                 [FP 92]   Order Confirming Registrar's Report

[FP 93]                 [FP 93]   Appointment to Settle Order (Form 44)

Guardianship, Custody, and Access Orders

[FP 94]                 [FP 94]   Sole Guardianship Order—Permanent

[FP 94A]              [FP 94A]   Joint Guardianship Order—Interim

[FP 95]                 [FP 95]   Joint Guardianship Order—Permanent

[FP 96]                 [FP 96]   Sole Custody Order

[FP 98]                 [FP 98]   Joint Custody Order—Permanent

[FP 98A]              [FP 98A]   Peace Officer Clause

[FP 98B]               [FP 98B]   Access Order—Permanent

[FP 99]                 [FP 99]   Report on Custody and Access by Conciliation Counselling Service

[FP 100]               [FP 100]   Report on Custody and Access by a Psychiatrist or Counsellor

[FP 101]               [FP 101]  Order for Counselling

[FP 102]               [FP 102]  Order Prohibiting Removal

[FP-102A]            [FP 102A]  Order Permitting Custodial Parent to Move with Child

[FP 103]               [FP 103]   Order for Reasonable Access

[FP 104]               [FP 104]  Order for Specified Access

[FP 105]               [FP 105]  Order for Supervised Access

[FP 106]               [FP 106]  Notice Respecting Intended Non-exercise of Access

[FP 107]               [FP 107]  Order for No Access

Maintenance Orders

[FP 108]                [FP 108]  Maintenance Order—Reference to Registrar

[FP 109]                 [FP 109]  Order Confirming Registrar's Recommendation

[FP 110]                 [FP 110]  Interim Order for Spousal Maintenance

[FP 111]                 [FP 111]  Permanent Order for Spousal Maintenance

[FP 111A]               [FP 111A]   Order Providing for Review after a Specified Date

[FP 111B]               [FP 111B]  Prior Payment of Maintenance—Tax Consequences

[FP 111C]               [FP 111C]  Payments to Third Parties—Tax Consequences

[FP 112]                 [FP 112]  Interim Order for Child Maintenance Under the FRA

[FP 112A]              [FP 112A]  Interim Order for Child Maintenance Under the DA

[FP 113]                   [FP 113]   Permanent Order for Child Maintenance Under the FRA

[FP 113A]              [FP 113A]  Permanent Order for Child Maintenance Under the DA

[FP 113B]              [FP 113B]   Variation Order for Child Maintenance Under the DA

[FP 113C]              [FP 113C]   Shared Custody—Child Maintenance

Family Assets

[FP 114]                [FP 114]  Declaration of Family Assets

[FP 115]                [FP 115]  Order Dividing Assets

[FP 116]                [FP 116]  Order of Payment in Satisfaction of Interest in Family Assets

[FP 117]                [FP 117]  Order Determining Responsibility for Debts

[FP 118]                [FP 118]  Order Dividing Household Chattels

[FP 119]                [FP 119]  Provision for Dividing any Matured or Unmatured Pension in any Kind of Local Plan (Short Form)

[FP 119A]             [FP 119A]  Provision for Dividing an Unmatured Pension in a Local Defined Benefit Plan (FRA, s. 74) (Long Form)

[FP 119B]              [FP 119B]  Provision for Dividing an Unmatured Pension in a Local Defined Contribution Plan (FRA, s. 73) (Long Form)

[FP 119C]              [FP 119C]  Provision for Dividing an Matured Pension in a Local Plan (FRA, s. 76)

Protection of Persons and Property

[FP 120]                 [FP 120]  Restraining Order (Protection of Persons)

[FP 121]                 [FP 121]  Committal Order for Contempt

[FP 123]                 [FP 123]  Order Restraining Disposition of Family Assets

[FP 124]                 [FP 124]  Order Restraining Disposition of Other Assets

[FP 124A]              [FP 124A]  Request for Registration of Protection Order

[FP 125]                 [FP 125]  Order for Exclusive Possession of the Matrimonial Home and Exclusive Use of the Personal Property at the Family Residence

Provincial Court Orders

[FP 126]                 [FP 126]   Provincial Court (Standard Form)

[FP 127]                 [FP 127]  Consent Order

[FP 128]                 [FP 128]  Provisional Order

[FP 129]                 [FP 129]  Family Relations Act Orders


[FP 130]                [FP 130]  Bill of Costs (Form 67)

[FP 131]                [FP 131]  Sample Bill of Costs

[FP 132]                [FP 132]  Certificate of Costs (Form 68)

[FP 133]                [FP 133]  Appointment (Form 24)


Family Maintenance Enforcement Act

[FP 134]               [FP 134]  Order for Access to Information (Section 9)

[FP 135]               [FP 135]  Order for Extension of Time for Filing Statement of Finances (Section 13(4))

[FP 136]               [FP 136]  Order to File Documents (Section 14)

[FP 137]               [FP 137]  Order—Determination of Liability of Attachee (Section 16(4))

[FP 138]               [FP 138]  Order to Report—Section 21 Default Hearing

[FP 139]               [FP 139]   Order to Pay Arrears

[FP 140]               [FP 140]  Order for Imprisonment in the Event of Default

[FP 141]               [FP 141]  Order for Security—Section 21 Default Hearing

[FP 142]               [FP 142]  Attachment Order (Section 24)

[FP 143]               [FP 143]  Warrant of Execution (Section 27)

[FP 144]               [FP 144]  Order for Arrest of Absconding Debtor (Section 31)

[FP 145]             [FP 145]  Order—Restraining Harassment (Section 46)

Provincial Court (Family) Rules

[FP 151]             [FP 151]  Consent to File Agreement (Provincial Court)

Family Relations Act

[FP 152]             [FP 152]   Enforcement of Foreign Custody Order

[FP 153]             [FP 153]  Consent to File Agreement (Supreme Court)

Court Order Enforcement Act

[FP 154]             [FP 154]  Order to Register Foreign Judgment


[FP 155]             [FP 155]  Notice of Motion—Divorce Act

[FP 156]             [FP 156]  Affidavit—Divorce Act

[FP 157]             [FP 157]  Writ of Summons—Family Relations Act (Supreme Court)

[FP 158]             [FP 158]   Statement of Claim—Family Relations Act (Supreme Court)

[FP 159]             [FP 159]  Notice of Motion and Affidavit in Support—Family Relations Act (Supreme Court)

[FP 162]             [FP 162]  Leave to Apply to Vary Maintenance

[FP 163]             [FP 163]  Fixing Amount of Arrears

[FP 164]            [FP 164]  Termination of Maintenance Order and Cancellation of Arrears


[FP 165]            [FP 165]    Style of Proceeding (Standard Form)

[FP 166]            [FP 166]    Report to the Provincial Court of British Columbia—Form A

[FP 167]            [FP 167]   Report to the Provincial Court of British Columbia—Form B

[FP 168]            [FP 168]   Special Care Agreement

[FP 177]            [FP 177]   Order (Form 10)


[FP 188]            [FP 188]   Style of Proceeding (Standard Form)

[FP 188A]         [FP 188A]   Application for Registration of Birth Father

[FP 189]            [FP 189]   Praecipe—Report from Director of Adoption or Adoption Agency Administrator Not Required

[FP 190]              [FP 190]    Praecipe—Report from Director of Adoption Required

[FP 191]            [FP 191]   Petition—Report from Director of Adoption Not Required

[FP 192]            [FP 192]   Petition—Report from Director of Adoption Required

[FP 193]           [FP 193]    Affidavit of Petitioner(s)

[FP 194]           [FP 194]   Affidavit—Parent or Guardian's Consent to Adoption

[FP 195]           [FP 195]   Affidavit—Consent to Adoption by Child Over Twelve

[FP 197]           [FP 197]   Affidavit of Mother—Father's Identity Unknown

[FP 198]           [FP 198]   Affidavit of Birth Parent’s Expenses

[FP 199]          [FP 199]    Notice of Placement of Child and Intent to Apply for Adoption Order

[FP 201]           [FP 201]   Notice of Motion—Application to Dispense with Birth Father's Consent

[FP 202]           [FP 202]   Affidavit—Application to Dispense With Birth Father's Consent

[FP 203]           [FP 203]   Order Dispensing With Natural Father's Consent

[FP 204]           [FP 204]   Notice of Intent to Receive a Child by Direct Placement

[FP 205]           [FP 205]   Adoption Order

[FP 206]           [FP 206]   Authorization to Release Child from Hospital


[FP 207]           [FP 207]    Praecipe—Application to Change Surname on Divorce

[FP 208]           [FP 208]   Affidavit—Application to Change Surname on Divorce

[FP 209]           [FP 209]   Desk Order for Name Change

[FP 210]           [FP 210]   Order for Name Change Following Hearing  


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Thank-you in advance

Dec 16, 1999  




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