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Our Mandate

This Child advocacy Site has been established to provide a National Resource for all groups in Canada who are advocating for a child's right not to be abused, manipulated, alienated, or denied the emotional and physical contact or support from their fathers or mothers.  To provide information to other Canadian advocacy groups, grandparents, fathers, children, mothers, and non-custodial parent on custody, divorce, child abuse, shared parenting, visitation, access, family law, child support, parental alienation syndrome, family law reform, children rights, counseling, and child abduction,  To hold, lawyers, judges, politicians, and persons in authority accountable for allowing the rights of Canadian Children and Parent's to be ignored because of ignorance or political pressure. Working with and uniting all Canadian  children's and Parent advocacy groups by eliminating divisionary politics and reform of the divorce law in Canada to provide shared parenting and access / visitation by non-custodial parent, fathers, and grandparents.

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Letter to the Editor - Prince George Citizen - Friday April 7, 2000. Page 4. OPINION Section

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 Proper legal help was needed

Dir sir:

     Media coverage of the unfortunate story Darrin White has included an abundance of interference and rhetoric, and too few facts. on behalf of the Canadian Bar Association, B.C. Branch, I offer the following:

    FACT: Darrin White was involved in a family law action and was ordered to pay child support.

    FACT; He and his non-lawyer advocate, Todd Eckert, failed to provide proof of Mr. White's disability or lack of income.

FACT; Based solely on the evidence provided, which is all that a judge can consider under the law, child support was set according to federal guidelines.

    FACT: Mr. White did not get the outcome he hoped for, nor the one he would have likely received with proper representation.

    FACT; Lawyers are trained to prevent legal problems, and to protect your rights. A lawyer is trained in, among other matters, legal proceedings, the laws of evidence, preparation of legal argument, and court representation.

    Standard procedures should have been followed to provide evidence to support Mr. White's argument regarding how much child support he could afford to pay.

    FACT: Government under funding means that thousands of British Columbians can't qualify for Legal Aid. Many people are struggling in our courts without a lawyer. Talk to your MLA and demand the facts. In this this years alone, $81 million was collected from a special tax on legal fees to fund Legal Aid, but the government spent millions of it on other priorities. Ask them why.

    FACT: Everyone has a right to proper legal advise. The Canadian Bar Association, B.C. branch operates a Law Referral Service, funded by the law foundation of B.C., which offers a $10 half-hour consultation with a properly trained lawyer,to anyone with a properly trained lawyer, to anyone with anyone with any legal problem. Call 604-687-3321 in Vancouver or toll free 1-800-663-1919. On Saturday April 15, as part of Law Week 2000, legal advice as available free at those phone numbers from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Call the Lawyers of B.C. for help.

-D. Mayland McKimm

 President, B.C. Branch,

 Canadian Bar Association



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