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Our Mandate

This Child advocacy Site has been established to provide a National Resource for all groups in Canada who are advocating for a child's right not to be abused, manipulated, alienated, or denied the emotional and physical contact or support from their fathers or mothers.  To provide information to other Canadian advocacy groups, grandparents, fathers, children, mothers, and non-custodial parent on custody, divorce, child abuse, shared parenting, visitation, access, family law, child support, parental alienation syndrome, family law reform, children rights, counseling, and child abduction,  To hold, lawyers, judges, politicians, and persons in authority accountable for allowing the rights of Canadian Children and Parent's to be ignored because of ignorance or political pressure. Working with and uniting all Canadian  children's and Parent advocacy groups by eliminating divisionary politics and reform of the divorce law in Canada to provide shared parenting and access / visitation by non-custodial parent, fathers, and grandparents.

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April 10, 2000

Office of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of BC

Law Courts

800 Smithe St.

Vancouver, B.C.


Attention: Ms. C. Sainty, Law Officer


Re:  Compliant and Request for Suspension of Master J. Baker


Dear Madam:


Thank you for our telephone conversation last week.  As I mentioned, I am approaching you as advocate with the PCAC (Parent Child Advocacy Coalition) in Prince George, B.C.  Darrin Bruce White was a member of our group and came to us for peer mentoring prior to his unfortunate tragedy in March and after his appearance in front of Master Baker on February 21st, 2000 in Prince George, B.C. 


Our membership believes that Master Baker’s actions in this appearance and in others was not proper and contributed to Mr. White’s death.  As well, the Barrister for the Plaintiff, Darren W. Lindsay, in our opinion, undertook actions that were not consistent with membership in the Law Society of British Columbia, which also contributed to Mr. White’s death.  Lastly, we regard it as improper that the Law Society of BC and your own organization via Judge L. McKenzie make public statements on the tragedy while the matter is under consideration by the Coroner’s Office. 


Mr. White can no longer speak for himself; it is very easy for powerful public organizations to blame him rather than themselves for this failure.  Our organization faces an incredible asymmetry in information and in resources in bringing justice to this matter; nevertheless in spite of our scepticism we would like to initiate the process of investigation.  It would be very easy for your office to frustrate our complain with demand for excessive detail and process; therefore could we have response with respect to the following:


1.  the standards of judicial ethics that Master Baker will be measured against.

2.  the resources available to our Society in supporting this claim.

3.  the process of laying a compliant and recourse for remedy should your  findings not provide a remedy.


Thank you.

 Todd Eckbert, President 

 Peter Ostrowski, 

Advocate, on behalf of the membership of the PCAC Society


cc. Honourable Andrew Petter, Attorney General

      P.O. Box 9044 STN PROV GOVT

      Victoria, B.C.  V8V 1X4





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